Saint Marys Club Soccer

About Our Club

Saint Marys Club Soccer is a fall youth soccer club that is affiliated with WCOSA soccer.  We accept children from schools in Saint Marys that are 4 years of age through 8th grade.
(U6 = 4/5 year olds and Kindergarten; U8 = 1st & 2nd grade; U10 = 3rd & 4th grade; U12 = 5th & 6th grade; U14 = 7th & 8th grade)

Children from neighboring communities may also participate if:
They are in the U6/U8 league.
Their hometown does not have an organized soccer club in the U10-U14 league.

Registration will run April 15th through May 31st at 11:59p.m.  $25 for one kid, $40 for two kids, $55 for three or more kids.  Every family must participate in the chocolate bars fundraiser or opt out.  (Deadlines & details of the fundraiser can be found during the registration proce...
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Sep 15,2014

Fundraiser ($60) Money Due!

For the families that did NOT pay the opt out fee.  The $60 must be received by the SMCS Fundraising representative by 9/15/2014.  Beginning 9/20/2014, families that have NOT turned in their money WILL NOT be able to contin...

Aug 26,2014

Picture Schedule...Individual & Team; Fundraiser Distributed

Picture Schedule  times are announced!! Fundraiser (chocolate bars) will be distributed this night.

Jun 22,2014

Skills Sessions (U10, U12 & U14 Divisions)

Sunday June 22!!  Each Skills Session will be held at KC Geiger Park at the U10 fields (located at the west entrance).

Field Status

Open Open

Hillsdale United Bretheren Church (03:15 PM | 08/14/14)

Open Open

U10...Field 1 (03:15 PM | 08/14/14)

Open Open

U10...Field 2 (03:15 PM | 08/14/14)

Open Open

U12 & U14...Field 3 (03:15 PM | 08/14/14)

Open Open

U12 & U14...Field 4 (03:15 PM | 08/14/14)

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