St Marys Club Soccer

About Our Club

Saint Marys Club Soccer is a fall youth soccer club that is affiliated with WCOSA soccer.  We accept children from schools in Saint Marys that are 4 years of age (by August 1st) through 8th grade.
(U6 = 4/5 year olds and Kindergarten; U8 = 1st & 2nd grade; 3rd & 4th grade; 5th & 6th grade; 7th & 8th grade)

Children from neighboring communities may also participate if:
They are in the U6/U8 league.
Their hometown does not have an organized soccer club in the 3rd-8th grade leagues.

Registration will run April 15th through May 31st at 11:59p.m.  $25 for one kid, $40 for two kids, $55 for three or more kids.  Every family must participate in the chocolate bars fundraiser OR opt out.  (Deadlines & details of the fundraiser can be found during the registration process.)...
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Aug 29,2017

Fundraiser ($60) Money Due when Picking Up Candy Bars!

For families that did NOT pay the opt out fee. $60 must be received by the SMCS Rep when picking up the box of candy bars. This will take place the night of Individual/Team Pics. Beginning 9/1/2017, families that have NOT turne...

Jun 25,2017

Skills Sessions (3/4 Grade & 5/6 Grade Divisions)

Sunday June 25!!  Each Skills Session will be held at KC Geiger Park at the 3/4 Grade fields (located at the west entrance).                  3/4Grade Boys & Girls...Check-in at 5pm. 5/6Grade Boys & Girls...Check-in at 6pm.

May 31,2017

Registration Ends

At 11:59pm, Registration will be closed. Please feel free to look through the website for details; then click Log In or Register to register your player(s)!

Field Status

Closed Closed

Hillsdale United Bretheren Church (10:11 PM | 04/24/17)

Closed Closed

3/4 Grade...Field 1 (10:11 PM | 04/24/17)

Closed Closed

3/4 Grade...Field 2 (10:11 PM | 04/24/17)

Closed Closed

5/6 & 7/8 Grade...Field 3 (10:11 PM | 04/24/17)

Closed Closed

5/6 & 7/8 Grade...Field 4 (10:11 PM | 04/24/17)

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